good jeans

ianberry4ianberry9ianberry1ianberry10ianberry8Denimu_Art_BrooklyndinerDenimu_Art_newsagent_NY3Denimu_Art_HampsteadHeathDenimu_Art_Newsagent_NY1Can you believe that these incredible portraits are made entirely of denim?  Artist Ian Barry, aka Denimu (which is actually the phonetic spelling of denim in Japanese), constructs each elaborate scene by cutting old denim scraps into intricate shapes and carefully gluing them together.  Creating art that projects the color and life of such vibrant and iconic places as London and New York City- all in denim- must be quite the task.   It’s truly astonishing what a wide range of hues Denimu has been able to create using bleach and various types of denim.

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