parisian plans


Hey everyone!  I have some realllllly exciting news for you today!

This June ( that’s about 4 months away, in case you were wondering), the roommie and I will be traveling to Paris, France to participate in an international dance intensive. (!!!!!)

That’s right, Tegs and I will be posted up in Little Ol’ Paris for a month, training alongside the pre-professional students of the Ailey school in New York under two Paris Opera Ballet dancers, Elisabeth Maurin and Wilfred Rimoli.  Ms. Amaury Lebrun will teach us contemporary choreography from the Nacho Duato Repertory and our fellow students will create and set original choreography for the group as well.  I cannot even express to you how utterly thrilled I am to have this opportunity.  Not only is this a chance to improve my technique, but the French culture will also provide a perfect stimulus for expanding my artistry and invigorating my creativity as a dancer.  I can’t wait to surround myself with entirely alien streets, unfamiliar restaurants, and brand new dancers.  Is there anything more inspiring?

Of course, having been to Paris before, there’s also a romantic part of me that looks forward to those small details I will remember.  The light sidewalks, the small green trash receptacles, the dusty tree-lined path alongside the Eiffel Tower…ah, The City of Lights.  To ensure no gold mine vintage shop, treasure-stocked flea market or petit outdoor café goes unscouted, I’ve already purchased a Parisian tour book (thank you, Anthropologie), that promises to provide an intimate, local peek at the heart of France’s capital.

I would love to hear any and all Parisian travel/food/shopping/museum suggestions if you have them!

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