decorating with dinnerware

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^the only creepy crawlers I would ever want in my home^

I’ve been a fan of these dessert plates ever since spotting that little green bumble bee guy at Anthropologie a few months ago.  Now, as someone who has been known to lob a shoe across a room just to kill a spider (sorry, charlotte) the thought of eating cake pie cookies salad off of an insect-laden plate seems pretty out of the question.  But that doesn’t mean my lizard-fearing self can’t recognize an adorable set of plates when I see one.

At first, I was thinking it might be nice to purchase and mount just one of these plates on the wall (who doesn’t love a little alternative artwork?), but with the super reasonable price of $18 per plate, my vision has expanded to a whole china cabinet shelf dedicated to the wild little porcelain friends.  What a perfect way to create that mismatched, french bohemian household vibe I’m always craving…

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