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NYT Agon Article

At the beginning of the week, this review of Balanchine’s Agon from its original premiere with New York City Ballet in 1957 was posted on our bulletin board at FBP, and I found it extremely interesting.  In fact, it may be the most engaging dance review I’ve ever read.  It’s a detailed, thought-provoking assessment of the ballet, one that I believe gives the reader a rare peek at the intricacies of the choreography and its relationship with Stravinsky’s calculated score.  I’ve learned through attempting to blog about our work on Agon that it is an extremely difficult ballet to put into words.  Equally difficult to describe is the revolutionary connection between movement and music that has been imitated but never replicated since.  This article points out just how hard this ballet is to choreograph, compose, play and dance, and for that I must bow down in appreciation.

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