rifle paper co.


Rifle Paper Co. is a boutique paper goods brand and design studio created by artist Anna Bond and based in Winter Park, Florida.  You guys, Anna’s artwork is sooo up my alley.  It’s colorful in the most subtle way, feminine without smacking you in the face with pink sparkly ballerinas, and, as the company’s website so aptly points out, both nostalgic and timeless.  While each piece is extremely detailed and full of movement, there is a wonderful sort of unfinished quality to Ms. Bond’s designs that makes them feel organic and effortless.  I believe one of the most tragic byproducts of the technological era has been the near-extinction of handwritten cards (that also goes for notes, invitations, and recipes).  With my discovery of Rifle Paper Co., I’ve been re-inspired to send more handwritten goodies through that dinosaur of a process we now call “snail mail”, perhaps on some adorable little floral stationary!  Also, I’ve already decided I must have one of those phone cases- out next month!  For now, I’ll just eagerly await the arrival of my calendar, and take notes on my little zebra notepad. :)

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