playing dress up


I am not a model.  I repeat, I…am not a model.  But I thought I should still share a few photos from the RISD crit I did back in December.  I can’t believe I was wearing this costume so long ago (the weekend before Nutcracker to be exact!- wait is it weird that my time reference is in terms of performances?) and here we are the weekend before the opening of Little Red Riding Hood (yikes I did it again- that’s twice in one sentence…scary).  Anyway, this gorgeous “Mama Red Riding Hood” costume was designed and created by RISD student Alexa Foster, and I am so impressed by her work.  Honestly, I was begging her to make me one of these leotards so I could rock it for class all the time…I was so in love with it!  But I think my favorite part has got to be that giant pink satin bow.  I mean, it’s not every day you get to walk around with one of those on your waist…

If you are in the Providence area (or somewhere in New England, it’s all relatively close together even though we Rhode Islanders like to pretend that going anywhere out of the greater Providence area is considered a “day trip”), please grab some tickets and come out to see Little Red Riding Hood.  Whether you are 2 or 102, in diapers or depends, a child in kindergarten or just a child at heart, you will thoroughly enjoy this show.  Plus, the entire audience gets free cookies and milk after the show, compliments of Seven Stars Bakery…if that isn’t enough incentive I don’t know what is!  For tickets and more information, please click here.

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