a dancer’s day

The link to ^this video^ popped up on my Facebook newsfeed late last night and I am so glad it did.  During this 11-minute sneak peek of the soon-to-be-finished ballet documentary “A Daner’s Day”, the dancers of Boston Ballet expose one of the most difficult aspects of this profession that most people do not even consider; injury.  The dancers do an amazing job conveying just how crippling ballet injuries can be, both physically and emotionally.  I think when this documentary (directed by BB soloist Joseph Gatti) finally releases in its entirety, the public will have access to a true representation of what it’s like to dance ballet professionally.  One of my favorite lines from this video is “Every day is an audition.”  Truth.  Preach it, JDubs!

An extra little bonus?  It’s so cool to see some familiar faces in this documentary!  Pause at 2:17 to see our Little Red Riding Hood choreographer, Boyko Dossev taking class. :)  We see you in that tan leotard, Boyko!

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