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With Agon & Orchis just about two weeks away, all of us at FBP have been working extra hard to cross our fifths and spot our turns.  Last weekend marked not only our 3rd visit from Sandy Jennings of the Balanchine Trust, but also the completion of Viktor Plotnikov’s Orchis.  After a 7 day work week, two grueling days of detail-oriented Agon rehearsal with Ms. Jennings and a 5 hour, new choreography-filled rehearsal with Plotnikov, the company was looking like this:photo

But we’ve since had 2 days of “rest” which for me meant this:photo…blowing off some steam…
…and a painful podiatrist appointment.  Hashtag dancer probs.  But today we’re back in the studio giving it everything we’ve got!  So watch out Providence- this show is going to knock. your. SOCKS OFF.  Seriously.  Now go buy some tickets.  :)

One thought on “around the studio

  1. OMG!!!!! you are so good!!!! Can i use for next week’s newsletter??? It’s so simple and straightforward. Exactly what the readers want to hear about…and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your final words…perfect!!!! could never say it so well (i’m not on the inside)

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