There are some moments in life that require actually stopping to pinch yourself- just to be sure you haven’t tripped over your feet, smacked your head and slipped into a dream state.  Those moments tend to make you reevaluate not only your current outlook on the world but also the way you view yourself.  One of these moments happened for me at the end of last season.  Now, as the opening of Agon & Orchis swiftly approaches, another of those special moments has come up and pinched me- hard.

As I watched the above video clip and listened to famed ex-NYCB principal and current Balanchine Trust repetiteur, Sandra Jennings, talk about Festival Ballet Providence, our incredible artistic director Misha, and then me (wow, pinching myself again over here- sometimes you have to triple check), that same bit of thoughtful advice from my dear friend came rushing right back into my head: “Collect the moments that make you proud.  Remember these moments so you can use them later in life to remind yourself of your accomplishments.  Bookmark this day, don’t ever forget this feeling.”  Rest assured, friend, I am doing my best to hang onto this feeling.  Which right now consists of a soaring heart, butterflies in my tummy and one very sore, pinched-up arm.

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