Last time I talked about injuries on this blog, all it took was a few days of rest and some strong pain killers and I was back in the game.  This time, things are a bit different.  I had my first MRI yesterday, and while the results all came back negative (yay good news!), my back pain still persists.  So this morning it’s off to the acupuncturist’s office with me!  Now, as someone who still puts up a huge stink about getting a flu shot (or really any procedure involving needles, it’s actually pretty embarrassing how worked up I can get over a simple blood test), I swore I would “never allow some dude to shove needles into me like some kind of sick man-made porcupine”.  A bit harsh perhaps.  But here I am, about to head to my very first porcupine session.  Slightly nervous?  You could say that.  Wish me luck!

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