setting the barre


 Today’s post is about a very important subject…the title of this blog!  After changing the name of my blog several months ago (it was originally “So Let Them Eat Cake”), I expected to feel a bit more connected to the slightly more ballet-geared “Tutus & Stilettos”.  However, as the weeks passed, I fell more and more out of love with the cutesy title and knew I needed a change.  I’ve been doing a lot of growing this past year, so it only makes sense that my blog grow as well.  So without further ago, I would like to reveal the new, mature, (and much less clever than I like to pretend it is) blog title:

setting the barre titleWhat do you think?  To me, this new title has a double meaning.  Every day I like to set the bar high for myself- challenging my own strength physically, mentally and emotionally.  How do I do this, you ask?  By setting the barre in the ballet studio before class every morning and daring myself to push even harder than the day before!  (Pause for laughter/applause).  I hope you like the new title as much as I do! (and here’s hoping I don’t hate it in a month and change it on you again ;)

*Don’t forget* this means my new blog adress is!  If you are already subscribed to my blog, you will be redirected to the new address when you open your next email update.  If you’re not subscribed, remember to type in the new address instead of  Yay!

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