bathtub revelations


This is a sight I don’t see very often^.  My own feet at the other end of the bathtub.

I am not one for bath-taking.  The whole practice kinda grosses me out. But when you are forced to take a bath in the hopes of curing your back injury, you realize a few things.

1. Voluntary grown-up baths are absolutely nothing like mandatory childhood baths.

2. Lighting a few candles brings the experience from ick to ahhh.

3. Setting the Pandora station to “Lykke Li- Possibility” Radio is a fantastic idea.

4. Being submerged in warm, bubbly water automatically reduces your stress level from clenched-jaw to half asleep in a matter of minutes.

5. If you weren’t on several different pain killers already, a large glass of wine would be a fiiiine addition.

6. Sometimes treating yourself like a baby is just what you need.

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