victory dance


Tomorrow will be my first day back in the studio after a week’s hiatus.  I know, I know- a week off from ballet to recover from an injury is really not all that major.  Many dancers are forced to take several weeks and even months away from the studio to heal their ballet-broken bodies, and they often do so with the poise of a graceful ballerina.  My experience, on the other hand, went a bit differently.  I spent most of my days glued to the couch in a dizzy, nauseous, drug-induced daze, refusing to eat anything but peach rings, blueberries and the occasional jelly bean.  I spent my nights flip-flopping between fighting off negative thoughts and succumbing to pathetic self-pity tears on my pillow.  I left my sunken spot on the sofa only to receive acupuncture treatments every other day, and was skeptical about even those outings.  But, pokey little needles, you’ve made a believer out of me!  While I’m not yet 100% better, I’ve had an amazing improvement.  My back pain is almost completely gone, and my overall well-being has skyrocketed.  My daily demeanor has shifted from stressed and slightly irritable to relaxed and happy.  My boyfriend even told me, “You seem so happy now, that is radiates.”  Success?  I think so.

Special thanks to my wonderful mom, who has stood by me through every single up and down, every peach ring feeding and acupuncture session, and everything in between.  And thank you for helping me take my pants off when I couldn’t do so myself.  Oh, and for putting them back on, too.  You’re the best.

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