keep calm and boston

I cannot let this monstrous event pass without acknowledgement.  With friends all over Boston and a considerable portion of the FBP family currently residing in and around the city, the tragic bombing at yesterday’s marathon hit far too close to home.  Seeing photos of what look like war-torn streets and sidewalks dizzied with chaos between the shattered buildings of my beautiful Beantown plants a massive lump in my throat.  I turned to Facebook to check in with friends in Boston, willing with my entire being that they were all unharmed, and upon doing so noticed that every one of my friends on Facebook, from the New England area and otherwise, was doing the exact same thing.  Panicking, praying, worried for the safety of their loved ones.  Written in black and white across my computer screen, was proof that this tragedy was not only affecting the killed, the injured, the witnesses…it was affecting the entire country.  Immediately I began to wonder, who would do something like this?  Who would attack so many innocent human beings on what was supposed to be a day of celebration, motivation, accomplishment, and community?  And in such a violent, horrific way…

With these currently unanswerable questions, my faith in humanity took a large step towards the edge of the cliff.  With all of the far too recent tragedies staining this nation’s history, it’s hard to feel safe going anywhere these days.  And what does that mean for the land of the free?  But that’s when the Facebook statuses took a turn for the stronger.  Photos supporting the city of Boston, the runners, and the brave people who acted quickly to aid powerless victims started to surface.  Slogans of hope, strength in numbers, and love for Boston began outnumbering the cries of worry.  It didn’t take me long to realize that although the hearts of darkness heinously existing in society tend to make their wretched voices resoundingly heard, the mightier mass unequivocally enduring is one that houses the greatest light known to mankind.  Stories of the civilians, emergency response teams, doctors, and runners all turned heros, are reminding us that when hateful forces strike, the goodness of humanity is tested, and compassion, altruism and fellowship always prevail…even among strangers.  547572_10151606197505329_1917902235_n prayforboston5320062_10151380893941658_1060657944_n 164242_438186742939085_514686105_n1366080096for_boston 59705_10151377536423144_2073814263_n

My deepest sympathies go out to all those directly affected by the bombings.  Please know that our overwhelming support for you will be tangible, and we will never back down.  We stand together.  Stay strong.

Although there is no immediate need for blood donations in Boston, it was the generous donations made in the weeks leading up to yesterday’s tragedy that saved the lives of so many.  If you would like to help, the RI Blood Center recommends becoming a regular donor.

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