urban beauty

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Last night my fellows dancers and I had the pleasure of attending an elegant gala at Aspire in honor of Festival Ballet’s 35th season.  Complete with a silent auction, live music, and an open bar(re)(ha…haha), the evening was truly a lavish affair.  Guests mingled with company dancers and FBP staff members, celebrating this season’s success thus far and getting excited for next month’s production of The Sleeping Beauty.  The dancers were asked to decorate old pointe shoes (worn in various shows throughout the year) using any and all materials available to them, to be auctioned off at the end of the night.  To me this read more like: Arts and crafts!?  Okay!


Here we are auctioning off our smelly old beautifully decorated pointe shoes, and here’s how my shoe turned out (haha, no pun intended)…


…there’s no real theme there, but bling-tastic is how I’ve been referring to it.  The gorgeous downtown fundraising gala, aptly entitled “Urban Beauty”, turned out to be a huge success (my pointe shoe sold for $500!) and a real shining moment for FBP.  Here’s to the last 2 1/2 weeks, 2 dress rehearsals, and 4 shows of the season! xx

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