dancer problems


If you’ve been following this blog for the past few months, you know that my schedule has been a (slightly stressful) rotation of doctor’s appointements, acupuncture treatments, physical therapy, deep tissue massage, hospital visits, MRIs and bone scans, all in a desperate attempt to diagnose the lower back pain that’s so heinously standing between me and the stage.

What’s funny about all of these appointments is that at each and every office I’ve visited (as well as the dentist- just for the record), I’ve been asked the same strange question: “So, are your feet always pointed like that?”  To which I counter, “Are they pointed?  They feel very relaxed.”  And then the doctor/PT/masseuse/dentist laughs.  Every time.

It wasn’t until I saw the above photo, snapped by fellow FBP company dancer and friend Alex, that I realized what they’re all talking about.  Permanently pointed, one of the many perks of professional ballet.  See also popping hip joints and giant bunions.

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