Welp, after months of lower back pain and no real “cause” (I actually started to think I might be fabricating the whole injury), I have finally received a diagnosis.  And the verdict?  I have a stress fracture between the first and second vertebrae of my spine.  Read: There is an itty bitty crack in my lower back that’s causing a whooooole lot of trouble.

With only 2 weeks left in the season, this diagnosis has actually come at a pretty perfect time (if there is such a thing).  Since the only way to treat a stress fracture is with rest and physical therapy, I’ll be able to take time away from ballet without stressing over being 100% healthy before the next show.  I have the entire summer to get back into tip top shape for next season!

The only hold up?  My plans to travel to Paris in June for the Ailey/POB summer intensive.  Might be kind of hard to do an intensive with a bad back…eeeeeek. :(

Have any of you ever had a stress fracture?  What was your experience like?

7 thoughts on “diagnosed

  1. I hope it is a relief for you to finally get a diagnosis and to know your plan of attack for recovery. It does sound like it has come at fortuitous timing as well. I have been plagued with back problems all my life and so I know how painful it can be. I once broke my coccyx and it took years for that pain to finally go away. Best advice is to listen to your phys therapy peeps and work hard.

    I am wishing you all the best for your recovery to be quick and (literally) back on your toes in time for your trip to Paris. (Can’t wait to read about that!)

  2. Glad you at least have a diagnosis! I’m sure it’s still scary and unsettling, but at least you have an idea about what to do, maybe? Fingers crossed for a seamless recovery. And given a recent post, I can’t help but remark that your feet are beautifully pointed in that picture ;)

  3. It’s good to have a diagnosis but I hope you will be able to do the intensive in the summer holiday! Get well soooon!

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