classical ballet’s crown jewel


With one week left in the season, the final curtain call is quickly closing in.  The dancers are working very hard to put the finishing touches on Sleeping Beauty; a colossal ballet for such a small company, but a welcomed challenge for the talented artists of FBP.  I watched rehearsal for 3 hours last night, and I will tell you right now- I’m beyond excited to see this on stage.  If you are in the area, don’t miss this classic story ballet.  Shows like this one are what peaked my interest in ballet as a child…you never know if you have the ballet bug in you until you experience it first hand.  And it’s never too late to find out!  Unless of course you don’t buy your tickets and you miss out on the show next weekend.  Then you’re too late.  And I hate you.  Just kidding, I love you.  But seriously, 401-421-ARTS.  Keep the arts alive in your community, Rhode Islanders!

So what if you’ve already discovered your own lack of the ballet bug?  Well GUESS WHAT?  It’s Mother’s Day next weekend, and chances are your mom has ignored her hunger for a night at the ballet to tend to your sporting events, playdates and illnesses.  So why not give her the evening of her dreams?  You know you want to.

And shameless plug officially fini.

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