a quiet theater week



The final week leading up to the opening of a main stage ballet is known as theater week.  Rehearsals move from early morning studio sessions to late night stage runs with lights, costumes, and sets.  Last minute preparations are being made by the dancers, the artistic staff, the backstage crew and the wardrobe department (which, in our case, consists of 2 dedicated ballet moms with sewing machines).  It goes without saying that during theater week, stress is at an all time high.  Unless you are not there…

For the first time since I joined the company 3 years ago, I am missing out on the tense yet exciting hustle and bustle of theater week.  My dancer friends head to The Vets to change into their mesh tights and sparkly tutus, and I sit on the couch.  Completely disconnected.  It’s such a strange feeling.  Even my plans to arrive at the theater at 9:30 for tomorrow morning’s 10:00 performance seem so incredibly off.  It’s like when the busy sidewalks of Hope Street become abandoned during a snowstorm…oddly calm.  Eerily quiet.  Nice in theory, but slightly depressing in actuality.  So peaceful from the outside, but so disgruntling to my insides.  A quiet theater week.  Definitely one for the books.

{first & third photos by me, second photo by A. Cemal Ekin}

3 thoughts on “a quiet theater week

  1. Sometimes, calmness is slightly scary. Like, what’s going on? Where is everybody? Am I missing out on something…?
    Hope you survive this tranquility, but I’m sure you will! :)

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