a stroll on le champs elysees

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This afternoon, Tegan and I hopped on le metro and rode all the way down to the 8th Arrondissement to walk along the Champs Élysées and see L’Arc de Triomphe.  This was such a lovely experience (besides the overload of tourists, of course).  Last time I walked along the Champs Elysees several years ago, it was pouring rain- just about the worst weather for visiting this fancy outdoor shopping strip.  Being more of a trot than a stroll, you can imagine I was slightly less than satisfied with that visit.  Today’s experience could not have been more different.  The sky was bright blue , the clouds fluffy white and the temperature a breezy 75 degrees.  We popped in and out of Zara, stopped to watch (and participate in in Tegan’s case) a street performance, and enjoyed macarons and un petit croissant au chocolat from Laduree.  Mais it was a very long day, et maintenent je suis trés fatigué.  Alors, it is time for bed!  Bon nuit!

3 thoughts on “a stroll on le champs elysees

  1. I love looking at your blog posts! Your pictures are so lovely :)
    It really seemed like a wonderful day and I’m glad you had a satisfying day!
    Bonne nuit!!

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