mon neughborhood

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Bonjour all!  Today I am writing to you from the warmth of my sun-soaked patio, where I am currently sprawled out on a blanket with my enormous hat on.  The weather has been pretty fantastic since we arrived in Paris, but today summer is showing itself in the most obvious way it knows how- beaucoup de soleil!

As I mentioned the other day, I am becoming increasingly familiar with my little neighborhood in Leon Place Blum.  It’s an incredibly beautiful place to live, so exploring it in my free time never gets old.  Of course, until my little broken back gets too tired to carry on.  (pause for sighs of sympathy…)

Just wanted to share some photos of my Parisian neighborhood with you before I head to Le Champs Elysees with Tegan.  It’s getting too hot out here to continue this post…until next time, ciao friends!  XO

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