a day at d’orsay

DSC01501DSC01492DSC01500DSC01496 DSC01505 DSC01502

Today Tegan and I took a (rather long) bus ride to the 7th Arrondissement to visit le Musée d’Orsay, one of Paris’ best art museums, in my opinion.  Constructed in an old train station across from the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay is home to an impressive number of extremely famous and breathtaking works of art, by the likes of Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Manet, Cézzane, Degas, and the list goes on.  Standing in front of original masterpieces like this and this really makes you think about just how long this world has been existing, and how much things change throughout time.  It also makes you realize how eternal the true masterpieces of the art world are.  When something brilliant is created by a truly talented artist, it has the ability to transcend time (<<the main reason I’m envious of anyone who knows their way around a set of paintbrushes!).  Ballet, although an art form that has certainly stood the test of time, is more properly defined as a fleeting moment onstage, the real essence of which is impossible to capture or frame and hang on the wall of a famous museum somewhere.  Visual art, on the other hand, and paintings specifically, attempts to do just that which ballet cannot; It brings life and movement and feeling to a 2D surface which would otherwise be nothing more than woven canvas and oil stains.  This, as one could imagine, is next to impossible…only the true geniuses are successful.  But their hard work is rewarded with the best prize fathomable by human: a lasting legacy.

In other news, how cute is this little buggy decorating my knife at brunch this morning?  I couldn’t resist whipping out my camera and snapping a picture…DSC01499

Time to head to Oberkampf for some hipster interaction and wine drinking!  Bon soirée!

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