bastille marche

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Today was our first real Sunday to explore Paris without a destination, so you know what that means…farmer’s market time!  Our arrondissement is home to the largest open air market in Paris, and with over 200 vendors, it did not disappoint.  We began our shopping adventure at the crêpe stand- who could resist chorizo, cheese and egg rolled up into a deliciously thin buckwheat pancake?  Not us!  After a shared breakfast it was time to set out into the many, many rows of stands.  Fresh vegetables, fruits, cheese, baked goods, fish, nuts, dried fruit, organic salts, herbs, flowers, cashmere scarves…this place has it all!  And with friendly sellers offering us mango slices and cheese cubes around every corner, you could say these sample-lovers quiiite enjoyed ourselves.  With our exciting purchases in hand (including bananas, lettuce, camembert, honey scented soap and an adorable little dress for my niece), we moseyed on home to put our feet up and prepare for the next adventure.  Before I go, I’ll leave you with this photo of a man making balloon animals with a fishbowl on his head:


…only in Paris!  

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