the bells of notre dame

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After all the farmer’s market fun Sunday morning, Tegan and I decided to use the rainy weather to our advantage and check out the inside of one of the world’s most famous cathedrals: Notre Dame.  Remembering this venue as one of my favorite sights during my last trip to Paris, I was really excited to finally head back inside, this time knowing full well the beauty I was about to observe…or so I thought.  For a church that has stood mighty and unwavering for 850 years (this year is the exact anniversary!) somehow Notre Dame grew even more stunning than the last time I saw it 5 years ago.  I mean, could those stained-glass windows be any more gorgeous?  Gazing up at each complex surface of the church, it’s impossible not to take note of each architectural intricacy.  Every inch of this building was so well-planned, so premeditated and designed.  Created in a way that does not exist in the contemporary world.  When you’re walking down the halls of Notre Dame, there is an overwhelming sense of purpose in the aesthetic of every window pane, archway, and chandelier.  And to think it was all built before the days of cranes and fork lifts…just amazing.  I will definitely be heading back to Notre Dame to climb to the top and check out the famous bell tower up close and personal before the end of my stay here in Paris…stay tuned!

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