parisian update

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Bonjour, mes amis!  Just stopping in quickly before bed to say hello and record a bit of my adventures from these past few days…

We have a surprise roommate staying with us for a few days (a friend of a friend who could not be any nicer…seriously, today I came home from class to flowers on my doorstep and arranged in empty wine bottles inside the apartment, which he thoroughly cleaned by the way…and did I mention he cooks for us too?), and we just found out today is his birthday!  So, bon anniversaire, Galen!

In other news, french class is getting harder and harder as we dive head first into le passé composé, a past tense that I always struggled to understand in high school.  But I will persevere!

The biggest thing on my mind right now is the eminent arrival of my boyfriend in Paris tomorrow morning.  He has been studying abroad in Berlin for almost 2 months and I miss him so much!  Friday we will fly to Nice and enjoy a nice little vacation from vacation together.  Really looking forward to this.  Check in for updates from Nice!  Until later, ciao ciao.

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