playing in paris


Yesterday was a very busy day.  After school I did some laundry then quickly headed to Oberkampf in search of a beach hat for this weekend’s trip to Nice.  My lack of success in the hat department was offset by my very exciting (liberal use of the word exciting I suppose) scarf purchase.  See, I’ve been looking for a “parisian” scarf ever since I stepped off the plane and noticed every.single.person on the metro wrapped up in the bright, patterned neck gear like a giant sea of colorful french clichés.  And my scarf-chase came to an end yesterday when I located the perfect blue and white cotton specimen in one of the frenchest boutiques ever.  Sold to me by the most classically french man with shaggy blonde hair, dark loose skin, bright blue eyes, and that old-attractive-man-je-ne-sais-quoi-thing, who claims to have designed the pattern himself.  Not too shabby…DSC01611

After Oberkampf I showered and it was off to the 9th Arrondissement to meet up with my old ballet coach, Yves, and watch him rehearse a very beautiful American dancer, Tom (who lives in Paris), for the Paris Opera Ballet audition/competition at the end of July.  After rehearsal near the Opera Garnier in a gorgeous sky-lit studio entitled “Juliette”, the three of us went out for a drink down the street and discussed the inner workings of the Paris Opera, and what it’s like to be at a big company versus a small one.  A lot to think about…sky

At around 7:15 is was time to meet up with Tegan for some good old Oberkampf dinner- salades and wine.  Yum.  It’s strange how in Paris the dark looming clouds can cast their daunting shadow and spit little bits of cold rain at you throughout the day, but come 9 o’clock (or should I say 21 heure?) the sky opens up and a pretty blue blanket peeks its way through (note the picture above, taken during our late dinner in Oberkampf).  A half-bottle of wine and some nutella/bretzels later, I was ready for bed.  Long, satisfying day in Paris!

Now I’m sitting in the rain, under the umbrella on my patio waiting for ze boyfriend to arrive.  His plane took off super late and I am starting to get anxious!  It’s sounds like the weather knows what’s going on in my head…the wind is picking up and the drip dropping of the rain is getting stronger and stronger, faster and faster.  Does this mean he is about to get here?  I hope so!  Until next time, xo.

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