Nice Times, Part III: A La Plage

DSC01801 DSC01742 DSC01745 DSC01799 DSC01812 DSC01815beach drank DSC01817 fig

After falling in love with Nice’s incredibly welcoming farmer’s markets, Kevin and I headed to the beach for some much-needed sun time.  I’ve always been a sucker for tanning in a chaise lounge, snacking on dried figs and pomme frites while sipping a festive drink, but swimming in the crystal blue water of the Mediterranean Sea was really the highlight visit.  The infamous rocky sea floor can be difficult to aclimate to at first, but the tepid turquoise waves never grow too fierce, making the awkward rocky shoreline slightly less uncomfortable on the toes.  After doggy paddling around practicing our breaststroke, floating on our backs and having a water-treading competition (first with no arms, then no legs), we retreated to the shore to harvest a small selection of the ample sea glass that splatters the grey stone canvas with bright hints of green and blue.  I have never seen so much sea glass in one place!  If that smooth aqua-colored shard you had your eye on gets swept up by one of those gentle Mediterranean waves, no worries; five more will be there to replace it by the time the next wave set rolls in.  While drying off/tanning in the sun afterwards, I noticed just how salt-soaked I was.  It’s true what they say about the Mediterranean having more salt than a Chinese take-out dinner for 6.  Okay, I just made that up, but it’s true!  My skin was completely devoid of any oil, and the bottoms of my feet were stained with a layer of thick white sediment.  What a rewarding sight after a lovely day at the beach in Nice…

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