hi from versailles

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On Wednesday, Melissa, Tegan, Winnie and I hopped a train to Versailles to take a walk around the royal family’s  old stopping grounds.  With all of the French Revolution knowledge I’d acquired in my classes and my prior visit to the palace several years ago, I became designated as tour guide for the day.  It was so fun to see the royal chapel, the hall of mirrors, and the meticulously painted ceilings- this time with a whole new perspective.  The first time I visited Versailles, it became a large piece of the puzzle that fit together to create my vision of “Paris”.  Now, after living here for (almost) a month (how did that go by so quickly?!), it has transformed into something completely different: a counterpart to my Paris.  A lavish, extravagant, excessive structure that completely contrasts the bobo 11th Arrondissement neighborhood that I now call a second home.  Their giant golden gates let eager visitors spill onto the perfectly swept grounds; Our rickety green gate must be rigged up from the inside so that entrance can be made accessible from the outside.  Not exactly royal living…

But I think this is good- to have the same perspective as those brave french revolutionaries living in Paris all those years ago.  It makes me realize how constant human emotions can be, even with 224 years spanning between their deaths and my twenties.  That being said, who doesn’t love a good bejeweled chandelier and a mini train ride around a perfectly symmetrical jardin?  If only we could eliminate about 75% of the crazed tourists with their audio guides, stopping randomly in the middle of hallways just to create a tricky little obstacle on your way into Marie Antoinette’s chamber.  But what else could you expect?!  Fun day in France.

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