frog legs and photoshoots

Sometimes life throws new, potentially exciting opportunities your way.  In these instances, my rule is to always take advantage, no matter how scary it may seem (like that time I surprised myself by swallowing my preconceptions along with one of the frog legs my boyfriend ordered for dinner on my brother’s birthday).  Some of these endeavors prove themselves worthy of the momentary discomfort, while others fall short, leaving you with a slightly amphibious  jaded taste in your mouth.  My stint in the world of fashion modeling has officially joined the ranks of the famed frog leg tasting.  1001810_10151699646889663_1774515263_n

PS- I didn’t like the frog legs.

Above is the only photo from last weekend’s photoshoot that I sort of like.  You see, dear readers, sometimes when you go out of your comfort zone, the result is just that: uncomfortable.  This awkwardness is natural in learning a new skill or making friends, but when it comes to selling clothes, not so much.  Let’s get something straight- it’s not that I’m saying it’s an awful picture, just that through this experience, I have realized that seeing photos of myself attempting to model is one of my least favorite things ever.

So it turns out however fun the actual photoshoot session may be (and it was!), modeling is not really my thing.  But by refusing to give in to my reluctance, I learned something new about myself.  And I learned a lot about modeling, too(!), which means I’m wiser…and isn’t that worth all of the awkwardness in the end?  Je pense que oui.  So there you have it: some wiser words straight from me to you.  Have a lovely weekend, and challenge yourself to one awkward activity today…you’ll thank me later.

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