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Don’t let that expression of pure excitement and joy I borrowed from the face of some kid in a candyshop fool you- today I made a giant step into the world of adulthood.

That’s right, folks, I BOUGHT A CAR!  All by myself.  And if you haven’t noticed by the lengthy photoshoot being displayed at the top of this post, I am rather proud.

After the extreme danger weakening of my old VW Jetta became increasingly apparent (RIP), I decided it was time to take the plunge and buy myself a brand-spanking-new car that I could really call my own.  A few test drives, dealership visits, days, moons, phone calls, and signatures later, this beauty of a car (2013 VW Golf, to be exact) finally came home with me!  It is currently in the driveway, making friends with my roomie’s car and getting used to its new East Side surroundings.

So, welcome home, Car Whom I Have Yet To Name But Definitely Will Once We’ve Properly Bonded, I think you’re pretty swell!

Oh, and if anyone’s interested in seeing our first picture together…golf

…it’s love.

One thought on “adulthood

  1. Good choice on the VW. My wife was in a very bad accident in her 2010 Jetta. The car was destroyed and she stepped out unscathed. No sore muscles, no injuries, nothing. VW makes a very safe car. If only she wanted a VW as a replacement. But no, she opted for the more expensive Acura. Sigh….

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