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Last week was tense.

Waiting to hear the results of my cat scan day after day was mentally exhausting.  But finally, tonight around 9 o’clock, my phone rang.  My doctor informed me that although it’s not completely healed yet, my back seems pretty solid and I am cleared to begin slowly working my way back into ballet classes!(!!!!!!!!)

Pretty soon I’ll be back at the barre!  You can imagine my excitement.  I would like to thank all of you for your kind messages, well wishes, and continued support throughout this onerous time in my life.  Your inspiring advice has helped me remain optimistic (read: sane), during these past 4 months.  Thank you all!

Until next time…xo

(photos via pinterest)

4 thoughts on “[healing]

  1. How wonderful!! There is nothing like the feeling of getting to dance again after a (in your case very) long hiatus! :-) Good luck on getting back in the saddle..! (or on the barre, I should say)

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