sweet berry farm

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As I mentioned before, a few girlfriends and I visited Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown, RI over the weekend for some early fall apple picking.  It’s been (quite) a few years since I’ve carved out enough time to stop in at an orchard during those notoriously busy autumn months, but Sunday afternoon’s amazing weather presented the perfect opportunity.  After about two minutes of frolicking through the rows of ripe red fruits, the sweet memories of picking apples with my family as a child came flooding back to me: searching through the leafy branches for the most plump and perfectly round ones, plucking them down, shining them up and gently piling each one into the paper bag- careful not to bruise any.  The girls and I gathered up a whole peck of apples (I’m seeing some applesauce in my future) before heading into Sweetberry’s country store and trying out some of their other delicious treats (edamame hummus, I’m talking about you).  What a lovely way to celebrate the start of a new season!

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