Sometimes life can get you down.  When you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you burn your toast, you’re stuck at work all day, and (in my case) your technique shoes are jamming your toenails so far into the tips of your toes that a simple tendu to the back brings tears to your eyes.  But, being a firm believer in the theory that you make your own happiness, I find on these days it’s best to remember the simple joys in life.  Inspired by Jill’s post and my OCD love of list-making, I’ve compiled some of life’s little moments that make me all warm and fuzzy inside…

1. Vacations.

2. Waking up slowly.

3. Free food.

4. People that look like their dogs.

5. Falling asleep in the sun.

6. That moment during take off where the plane finally lifts up off the ground.

7. Velvety triple pirouettes.

8. Crisp grapes.

9. Testing out new restaurants.

10. Freshly-shaven legs.

11. Pretty sunsets.

12. Giving gifts.

13. The smell of onions browning on the stove.

14. Vanilla chai teas.

15. Red lipstick.

16. Halloween decorations.

17. The smell of my hair after being in the salon for 3 hours.

18. Noticing something I like about someone, and actually telling them.

19. Holidays spent with family.

20. Being in love.

I’d love to know, what makes you happy?

2 thoughts on “happiness

  1. the following are 8 things i love: 1. making breakfast for my boyfriend 2. taking care of my mom 3. a good hair day 4. feeling beautiful 5. a tour-de-force book 6. getting kudos on my fiction 7. losing sleep over making jewelry 8. pinning fashion models

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