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Happy Saturday…

It’s less than a month into the season and already we are getting crazy.  I guess that’s what happens when your coworkers are your best friends!  Between complaining about the serious need for new flat shoes (I mean really, there’s not one hole-less shoe in the company, it’s sad), and showing our support for purple dolphin shirts (you can’t tell in the picture, but these dolphins have legitimate smirks on), this week at the ballet we decided to see if it’s possible to fit a human being inside a dressing room locker.  Although the human being of choice might be considered a halfy (elle est tres tres petite), she’s a human being nonetheless and her small/adorable stature does not make the careful shoving of said tiny body into a microscopic locker any less impressive.  I swear we all laughed until our abs hurt.  Three cheers for an unconventional pre-night-rehearsal warm up!

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