wrap it up

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This S(f)unday, Tegan and I had the pleasure of helping out FBP’s Vilia Putrius with her latest creative project: Unique Gifts by Vilia.  Teaming up with family and friends from her home country (Lithuania), the delightful principal dancer has started her own line of 100 % handmade knitwear.  We all know I’m no model, but when someone as lovable and charming as Vilia asks for your help, you just don’t say no!  Despite my nerves, it was an absolutely lovely day spent by a pond in Barrington, snapping photos, giggling like crazy people, and snuggling up in these soft, gorgeous pieces.  I am seriously coveting one of those intricate purple scarves (second photo)- so cozy!

Shop, here.

Like the Facebook page, here.

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