(Viktor Plotnikov’s Tea Time)

As we head into the second weekend of Up Close On Hope performances, I can’t help but reflect on how far I have come since the first day of the season.  I can remember being stuck sitting down during rehearsals, half-learning all of the parts I’d been “assigned”, thinking my body could never be ready to perform them in less than 2 months.  Now here I am, embarking on round two of black box performances with fresh calluses growing in quite nicely and pointe-shoe-ribbon-indentations where fuzzy socks used to be.  I have a huge bottle of hairspray in my locker and my brain is filled with choreography and chords.  The best part is, there’s this little voice inside of me telling me that all of this is right.  Can’t wait to get out there and perform Joseph Morrissey’s In Passing and George Birkhadze’s Tzgani this weekend.


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