blurred lines


Now it feels like I’ve performed again.  After just three short weeks back in pointe shoes, I had the pleasure of performing two different pieces en pointe in this past run of Up Close On Hope, and it felt goooooood.  Like fuzzy bunny slippers after a day running around New York in high heels good.  Or maybe even blueberry pancakes at midnight after a breakup good…pick your poison.

Our official unofficial in-house photographer, Cemal Ekin (maybe you remember his work from Orchis?), snapped the body-bending photo above during Friday afternoon’s dress rehearsal.  Isn’t it cool in a wait is that my hand or Ian’s elbow psychedelic trippy kind of way?  I really love how you can see the complex, twisted partnering that defines this piece.

Of course, after the show on Saturday night, wine and cheese were a necessity…1390542_10201037650211964_1316381628_n

…so naturally, we ordered the charcuterie as well.  Wouldn’t want that smoked gouda to be lonely, would we? ;)

And just for fun, here’s a little snap of B and I before dancing George Birkhadze’s Tzigani…channeling our inner gypsy:1450922_10201037650011959_1151617409_n

Happy Monday night, all.

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