Sorry for my unexpected absence from the blog these past 2 weeks…life has been equal parts busy and relaxing.  I keep meaning to get back to writing, but somewhere between early Christmas shopping (proud of myself for getting some of that done!), and too much turkey, time just slipped away from me.

This weekend marks the first two Nutcracker performances of the season (that I’m attending, not dancing), kicking off tonight with Island Moving Company’s production at the stunning Rosecliff Mansion in Newport.  My best friend’s older sister danced Sugarplum, so that was really a treat to see.  And what a gorgeous setting!

Tomorrow my mom and I head off to Barrington to see a school rendition of the holiday favorite, produced by two of my first ballet teachers, Vera and Zhanat.  I always enjoy seeing new versions of The Nutcracker, each with their respective Clara, Marie, and Tess’s, spooky vs. silly Drosselmeyer’s, and the wide range of choreography all set to the classic Tchiakovsky score.  You know what they say…tis the season…

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