new year’s purge


My mother and I share this funny quality in that we love a good purge.  No, no, no, I don’t mean bulimia (although how often do you hear a ballet dancer talk of any other sort of purging?), I mean a full-on life cleanse.  This means emptying out the drawers, cabinets, cupboards, and closets to make way for all the junk of the new year.  I mean, when you’re finding pointe shoes in your purse, you know it’s time for a good clean out.  So that’s what I’ll be doing with the rest of my night, readers: pitching out the dead batteries that have somehow survived atop a stack of old lightbulbs and empty masking tape rollers.  I might as well donate those sweaters I haven’t worn in 3 years while I’m at it, huh?  Hey, don’t judge me!  I told you it was junk!  If this has inspired any of you to join me in the cleaning fun, I wish you a Happy New Year’s Purge!

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