farewell, 2013

2013 was truly one for the books.  Travels, trials, treats, and tears, this year has bestowed them all.  From adventures in France to promotions in Providence, the memories made in 2013 will be cherished for a lifetime.

Now, dear readers, I leave you with an extremely thorough photo diary from this past year.  I tried to edit out just my few most favorite memories, but like I said, 2013 was one for the books.

photophotophotoagon orchis shoes27279_4224376256196_1773432388_nHurriyettwo girl1:2flowersDSC00354577228_4638749775275_1357548708_nbathtime425DSC00524rock554987_10200994506045333_1484828536_nDSC00639photophotoDSC00822DSC01036DSC01061DSC01005DSC01049_2944598_4952814386694_907596714_nsacre coeurDSC01299DSC01444DSC01386DSC01534legumes2familydinDSC02180DSC01838l'hotelDSC01777DSC01914DSC02089DSC01768model1acufeetDSC02679DSC02710DSC02690car3DSC02926DSC02904DSC02941DSC03141photo 11381796_423861421052035_664915844_n

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