williamsburg, va

photo 1 DSC03485 photo 3 DSC03505 DSC03484 DSC03494photo 1 DSC03421 DSC03429 DSC03449 DSC03472 DSC03459 DSC03456 DSC03467 DSC03479 DSC03498 DSC03515 DSC03492 DSC03519 photophoto 2

Hello from Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, where the biscuits are fresh and the goats are pets!

Kevin and I have been vacationing here with my family for just 3 days and we’ve already explored an entire art museum, painted miniature portraits of each other, and learned two colonial-style dances.  We rented bikes and rode all around the quirky little town, visiting blacksmiths and silversmiths and tinsmiths and even a friendly family we’ll just call “The Smiths” along the way.  Today we enjoyed a cheese plate (Cheddar, Goat & Gouda) at The Cheese Shop and spent an undisclosed amount of time lounging in our amazing hotel room wearing bathrobes.  Not a bad way to spend Sunday Funday if you ask me.

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