sinatra suits

In honor of Mikhail Baryshnikov’s birthday, I wanted to share a little video with you.  This piece, choreographed by the genius Twyla Tharp and set to the soulful sounds of Frank Sinatra, follows a relationship from first meeting to breakup, punctuated by intricate lifts, smooth partnering and sexual tension you can taste.  That moment when he first sees her from across the room- swoon!  When my good friend Alex first showed me this video, we both agreed that Elaine Kudo was so amazing, once she started dancing we barely noticed Baryshnikov- until that solo at the end begins, and the whole earth slows down its rotation for 4 minutes and 30 seconds just to watch him glide around the floor.  It is impossible to deny his swagger.  Happy Birthday, Mr. Baryshnikov.

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