The lively score of Peter Pan has temporarily slipped into hiding and the many sounds of 3 Viktor ballets have emerged in its place as the company prepares for Boundless Plotnikov.  The familiar theme of Orchis stretches its dark circus-like wings back into the studios once again, welcomed with open arms by a company who remembers this gorgeous ballet’s ability to leave an audience speechless.  Eerie robotic buzzing revs up into a heavy theme I can only describe as the soundtrack of my nightmares, setting an appropriately uncomfortable tone for Surrender;  It’s a dramatic piece where dancers stretch large strips of white fabric across the stage and around their bodies, creating a literal representation of the tension that lies at the heart of this ballet.  Also flooding the halls are the full, proud sounds of a classical orchestra, whose musicians and their instruments are all being comedically interpreted by dancers, as seen in the brilliantly strange mind of Mr. Plotnikov.

Above is a photo I snapped of a little experiment called the “human piano”…I told you he was brilliantly strange.  I’m all kinds of sore right now, but can’t wait to keep working on these stunning works tomorrow!  Until next time, xo.

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