muddy paws and pink mountains

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Even through my fleece tights, leggings, and thick puffy snow pants, I could still feel the pull of 10 spirited dogs harnessed in and ready to run.  Tension pulsed from the strong shoulders of the mutts through the taunt lines, into the slats of our wooden sled  and up through my hamstrings.  These dogs love a good gallivant through the White Mountains, that much is clear.  And shouldn’t they?  With their plush coats deflecting any hint of an intruding snowflake and the blood of Iditarod racers in their veins, these dogs were- quite literally- made for this.

That first 200-foot tug on the musher’s command is still the most imprinted one in my memory.  Even with an impressively steep incline, the lofty and peaceful height of the trail and a fast downhill slope at the finish all competing for attention, that initiation pull was still my favorite.  A quick taste of release for the motley team of eager sled dogs, each with their own story and personality…it was impossible not to feed off of their energy and excitement.

Although I will admit, as we rounded out our trip and the sun began to set, the White Mountains glowed a soft pink and that view almost took over top spot as best moment of the day.  New Hampshire’s landscapes are truly some of the most beautiful in the country, and enlisting in a sled ride is one of the best ways to view them.  If you ever find yourself in need of a relaxing retreat, check out Muddy Paws dog kennel.  Their staff is cool, knowledgeable, and care for each of the 140 dogs like they are the only pup in the place.  It’s a great experience, an incredible gift (just ask my boyfriend), and *bonus* the kennel is entirely non-profit, meaning all proceeds to go caring for the dogs.  If that doesn’t make you feel all warm and cozy, try some hot cocoa by the fireplace in your cozy NH cabin ;)  This President’y Weekend getaway was one for the books.

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