the umbrella factory

DSC03964 DSC03962 DSC03969 DSC03970umbrella factory DSC03966 DSC03971 DSC03968DSC03975

There’s a place where you can weave through bamboo stalks so tall, the tops look like tiny paintbrushes tickling the sky.

A place where you can see jewelry made of spoons, beautiful art and home furnishings, made by your neighbor.

There’s a place where you can get lost in potted plants, losing count of the rows and rows of herbs, succulents, flowers, and greens, the arched hug of a warm greenhouse guiding you from above.

There’s a place where spotted chickens roam free, and emus greet you at the gate.

A place where chairs are made of moss, and roadways- stepping stones.

There’s place where smoothies are made with just 3 ingredients and the freshest of fruits, a place where musical instruments require only the willingness to think to be played, and the teeniest of sculptures can be yours for $5.

Would you believe me if I told you this place was in little old Rhode Island?  That taking a drive out to Charlestown could make all these things true?  Well, folks, I’m not lying- and here is my proof!

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