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Remember that music video A and I began working on just one day after Peter Pan?  Welp, folks, it’s been edited, cut, stretched, snipped, nipped, pasted, fluffed and smoothed, and it’s all ready for the big premiere next Monday, July 21st.  I just saw the final version this morning and guys, it’s good.  Between Viktor Plotnikov’s choreography, the genius of the film crew and the charged music of The Bynars, this video is a true collaboration of artists.

photo 1

That’s what I’ve loved most about this summer, so far; It’s been a summer of artistic collaboration.  I’ve taken every opportunity that has come my way, even the ones that have always scared me (hello, teaching!), without trepidation.  It’s like I’ve broken through this barrier that’s held me captive in my own skin for so long.  I’m not sure exactly when it happened (did something dissolve while I was hovering above the stage the first time that harness lifted me up to Neverland?), but what really matters here is that something did happen.  Something changed in me.  And isn’t that what your twenties are all about anyway?  Trying new things and saying “yes” even when it seems like the worst thing to say?  This new mantra has lead me to so many places I never thought I’d be this summer, one of which I visited just last week, with yet another photoshoot…stay tuned.

first photo via Shaun Clarke. second photo via my instagram.

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