art in motion

Have you seen the new promotional video for New York City Ballet’s 2014-15 season?  Put simply, it’s gorgeous.

I saw this video at a very appropriate time: just after returning home from my first ballet class in…oh…a month?  Yeah.  It was not pretty.

As I moved into fourth position during pliés, a strange thought popped into my head.  My hips ached at their feeble attempt to turn out, and I wondered how I’m ever able to do this on a daily basis.  Then I wondered if other dancers ever wonder that same thing.

I was trying to express to Alex just how out of shape I felt, but all I could muster was, “I think I forgot…ballet.”  In a matter of several weeks I seemed to have lost everything that I had built in the past year, simply by neglecting the studio for a little while.  It’s really such a strange thing we tell our bodies to do, and it’s equally amazing how quickly our bodies forget what we’ve taught them.

So what do you do when you’re feeling out of shape, and desperate to get back in?  Kicking things off with a viewing of ‘Art in Motion’ is probably a good idea.  If you’re feeling extra nerdy, here’s an inside look at barre with the Mariinsky Ballet.

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