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If you read Pointe or Dance Spirit Magazine, or keep an ear to the wings of the David H. Koch Theater, you may have already heard that several of NYCB’s favorite ballet dancers are dipping their callused toes into the lights of Broadway.  The first dancer to challenge her Balanchine-technique with musical theater is Ms. Tiler Peck, who will star in Susan Stroman’s Little Dancer, a show based on Edgar Degas’ Little Dancer Aged 14 sculpture, and one that was created exclusively with Peck in mind.  Proving they are as in sync career-wise as they are romantically, Tiler’s NYCB-dancer husband, Robbie Fairchild, will take on the title role in Christopher Wheeldon’s adaptation of the Gene Kelly classic, An American in Paris (of course), which premieres this season in Paris, before making its move to Broadway.  However remarkable (and adorable) as this power-couple may be, it’s Robbie’s sister Megan Fairchild (also a principle with NYCB) who has really caught my attention.  Opening this month, Megan will star in Broadway’s revival of the On The Town, (sort of an expanded version of Jerome Robbins’ Fancy Free, in ballet terms).  It’s exciting to see ballet dancers who aren’t afraid to be more than just bunheads- and their versatility and acting skills are seriously impressive!  Check out Ms. Fairchild in rehearsal for her “Miss Turnstiles” number, in which-as the story goes, she just has been chosen as New York City’s prettiest subway-riding lady of the month (oh, the 1940s and their taboo behaviors, gotta love it)…

I love that choreographer Joshua Bergasse really challenged her, creating an epic, action-packed scene that takes some serious stamina.  And Ms. Fairchild conquers everything he’s thrown at her with the finesse of a true professional- from quick petit allegro to complicated lifting sequences, all culminating in a mènage and a considerable amount of fouettés.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it!  Really hoping to make it to the Big Apple to catch this one live…



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8 thoughts on “ballet on broadway

  1. Love love love this… I might have to be sitting next to you on a velour seat! Megan Fairchild is one of my faves, but On The Town might have been my ABSOLUTE number one favorite movies as a child (I didn’t get exposed to much popular culture… clearly)!

  2. Kirsten,
    What a lovely post!
    I am really enjoyng all of your Blog Posts. As an FYI I host a Podcast where I interview professional dancers ~ Megan has been on my show twice now – once on her own and once with her husband Andy. I am actually interviewing her this week as a follow up on her experiences on Broadway. I plan on airing it either Friday of this week or Monday of next. I will let you know :). Do let me know if you have any specific questions you would like me to ask her. Take care and keep up the great writing – as well as the dancing!
    Kimberly Falker

    • Hi Kimberly,
      Wow, this sounds awesome! Please do keep me updated on your follow-up with Megan, I’d love to hear about her first experience performing on Broadway! If you have not yet conducted the interview, I’d be very interested to know if she was more or less nervous for this show than she would be for a performance with NYCB, and why? Also would be cool to find out how her pre-show preparation process differed from her usual routine. Good luck with the interview, looking forward to hearing more!

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