opening week


I can’t believe our first show is this weekend!  Between the long rehearsals and emotional turmoil, I’ve been more distracted from this fast-approaching opening night than ever before.  The day after Halloween, FBP will perform a mixed bill of world premieres and classics in our black box theater, providing Providence with that diverse palette they’ve come to crave.

There has been a notable change in my mood since the beginning of our first “show week”.  Something about an imminent performance makes the mundane feel a bit more sparkly- especially after more than 5 performance-free months!  Eager for an audience is an understatement.

The first photo in this post is a screen shot sneak peek from the Gatorade commercial we shot this summer (can’t wait to share the final cut soon!), and the second is an homage to the (borderline creepy) synchroneity between my partner and I, both in the studio and at the bakery ;)

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