it’s beginning to look a lot like…

photophoto 2friday

A relaxing Sunday morning spent washing toepads and sewing pointe shoes…ah, the joys of Nutcracker season; That special time of year where dancers everywhere exhibit a juggling act of contradictory feelings ranging from excitement to dread.  For me, the anticipation of cracking nuts for the masses has always produced a perky nostalgia that can only accurately be described by this scene in Aristocats, where the music of Carmen sends bouncy ol’ Georges Hautecourt into a spirited, albeit knobby-kneed, tango spell.  What can I say, creepy courageous wooden dolls, giant mice and dancing snowflakes really get me going.

While attempting to scrub the stink out of the aforementioned toepads in my bathroom sink this morning (they are still soaking in bleach as we speak- results to follow), one slightly overzealous squeeze shot a stream of bubbly bullets onto the tiled wall over the toilet.  As I wiped up the foamy streaks, I shook my head and couldn’t help but smile at the strangeness of this Sunday morning brunch alternative.

Alex and I have been working like crazy to prepare for our new roles as Sugarplum and Cavalier, and are very excited to travel to Minnesota next week for our first performances as rulers of the Kingdom of Sweets!  Follow along on instagram (@keeksevans) to see how our guesting turns out.

PS- Not too busy washing toepads this morning?  Check out this shout out to our music video for Time vs Money :)

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